Holiday Cards

A scratchable lottery ticket-style holiday card full of prizes.

revised santa.jpg

I've never had more fun Photoshopping things for hours than I did with this card.


Screenprinted in two colors, a secret message is revealed beneath the snowflake using a red film. "Oh, have you seen, a red shiny thing? It’s part of my face, now gone—not a trace. I’ve searched high and low, checked with reindeer I know. Santa’s asked all the fellars, have you seen his round smeller? It shone very bright, my nose lamp at night. Now we’ll have to crash-land. Hey! What’s that in your hand?"


Screenprinted in white ink on metallic card stock, this holiday messages reads "Did you ever notice how when a snowflake falls on your glove, it lingers for a moment before it disappears? It's really a metaphor for life, where the glove is your life and the snowflake is your looks."


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